Engine components

As an exclusive agent for several specialized OE-manufacturers in this region, we fully provide: fast deliveries from stock, batch sized pricing, know how, guarantee and repair. All parts are marked by the factories we serve and are fully monitored, European made, specified, qualified and if necessary improved.

Cylinder Heads & Components


Märkisches Werk GmbH

Country of origin

Germany, Europe

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One of our oldest partner agencies is MWH from Halver (Germany).

We have worked together since 1981 and we have a very close cooperation in various Industries. The MWH portfolio includes: Inlet and outlet valves (inventor of Nimonic valve), seats, rotators (inventor of the Turnomat and BSR), valve guides, nozzle sleeves, clamping cones and repair.

Together with MWH we produce valves and affiliated products for cylinder heads. We stock nearly all components which are used on cylinder heads for 86 different engine types. Our relationship with MWH goes beyond that of a mere supplier, as we work in close cooperation towards the mutual design and repair of critical cylinder head components. We have been repairing cylinder heads for decades now, according to the highest standard and always with components from a single source. Having a single source policy helps minimise the number of errors.

Our areas of expertise include door to deck and deck to door, rule-based inspection, cleaning, measuring, pocket grinding, surface treatments, installation of components (stock parts Verhoef), inspection reports (pre and post), engraving track and trace numbers linked to those reports. All parts are classified, marked and batch sized numbered, which means that in the unlikely event of an issue, the incident is fully traceable.

For new cylinder heads we use European mainland foundries and machine shops that only produce heads according to the highest standard. Class certification