our Piston Rings

Manufacturer: Goetze (Federal-Mogul)
Country of origin: Germany
Marked: Batched, Partnumber
Verhoef Running stock: 100.000 pieces

THB Verhoef has been working very closely with Goetze piston rings since 1981. We are glad to have been a technological partner during several innovation processes. The CKS-ring especially has been a huge success, as it has enabled a drastic reduction in oil deposits. In addition to lowering CO2 emissions, the CKS-ring has also proven to reduce wear on the liner and reduce wear on the piston groove, allowing the engine to run more smoothly and reducing the chance of engine failure. We are proud to say that we currently have the largest stock of Goetze piston rings in the world. You may also reach out to us for technical second opinions, or for any type of piston ring or combustion related questions. We can redesign ring sets upon request to suit your specific engine application.


Quote - Goetze (Federal-Mogul) piston rings for large bore engines are our specialty. We are fully dedicated to this technology and can offer everything from a single source: R&D, ring pack, gas flow and dynamic analysis, foundry, machining, electroplating and testing.  Our specialized manufacturing sites produce the highest quality rings in the required lot size – right on time.  Because we live up to a reputation of quality and reliability on an everyday basis, we have grown to be a market leader.  Your piston ring requirements are welcome at Federal-Mogul; challenge us to take care of them! - Unquote



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