our Fuel Equipment

Manufacturer: DUAP, Bosch, Zexel, L’Orange
Country of origin: Switzerland
Verhoef Running stock: Depends on engine type

Quote - The history of DUAP is a story of continuity on the one hand and flexibility on the other. Since its establishment in 1943 DUAP has manufactured injection nozzles. The first customer was the leading tractor manufacturer in Switzerland.

Since 1963 DUAP have made co-operation agreements with some of the most important engine builders, for example Sulzer brothers, S.E.M.T. Pielstick and Wärtsilä for whom DUAP has developed and produced modern injection systems for their engines.

During this time injection systems for Diesel engines of all power ranges have been delivered throughout the world covering the complete scope of applications, Marine, Traction, Stationary, Automotive, and Aeronautical. Based on its extensive experience DUAP is pushing forward with its own research and development into new areas of material processing. - Unquote 


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