our Cylinder Head Components

Manufacturer: Märkisches Werk Halver
Country of origin: Germany
Marked: Batched / Partnumber
Verhoef Running stock: 35.000 pieces

One of our oldest partner agencies is MWH from Halver (Germany). We have worked together since 1980 and we have a very close cooperation in various Industries. The MWH portfolio includes: Inlet and outlet valves (inventor of Nimonic valve), seats, rotators (inventor of the Turnomat and BSR), valve guides, nozzle sleeves, clamping cones and repair.


Quote - Märkisches Werk GmbH, Halver (MWH) is a leading provider of cylinder head systems inside large combustion engines for vessels, locomotives and power generation plants worldwide. Over 90% of the world's large engine builders partner with us. They have come to expect innovative cylinder head system solutions that stem from nearly 150 years of experience and an enduring commitment to research and development. What can our ingenuity do for your engine? - Unquote

Source: MWH

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