our Centrifugal Filters

Manufacturer: MANN+HUMMEL
Country of origin: Great Britain
Verhoef Running stock: 400

MANN+HUMMEL is a leading provider of centrifugal filters in combustion engines for vessels, locomotives and power plants. Oil centrifuges separate soot particles from engine oil to reduce engine wear. These soot particles penetrate the lubrication film and increase friction and wear. The centrifuge is fed with high pressure oil from a bypass circuit. When passing through the rotor body the oil escapes through nozzles on the underside of the rotor. As a result, the rotor is driven at high speed without the need for an external drive. When the oil passes through the high speed rotor the resulting centrifugal forces ensure that particles are deposited in layers on its interior wall. The cleaned oil then flows back to the oil circuit.

The MANN+HUMMEL portfolio for centrifugal filters includes FM200, FM200DS, FM400, FM600, FM600DS and ESC600. 


  • Cleaner oil and extended oil life
  •  Lengthens time between service intervals
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Enhances long-term preventative maintenance
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Cuts waste disposal costs
  • Reduces application down time
  • Maximises in-service time for engine
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Helps ensure clean combustion and fuel efficiency
  • Supports engine technology for the reduction of exhaust emissions (e.g. exhaust gas recirculation)
  • Centrifuge has been subjected to lifetime endurance testing for on engine applications

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